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Magnetic Water Conditioning
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Short Bio

In 1977, my neighbor, Doug Hall, Chief Engineer of American McGaw, gave me a file box filled with tests and installations regarding Magnetic Water Conditioning: all from Europe and Russia and all positive.  A few weeks later, I was given another file box with tests from universities, magazines and presentations at various engineering and scientific societies; all from the US and all negative.  What was especially interesting about the US tests they all began with the disclaimer, “We do not know how it works, but the magnets failed to perform as advertised.”   I do not believe the authors of those flawed tests would allow someone to test their automobile if they did not know how to drive.

I designed a system to condition water for cooling towers and started a business installing and servicing the conditioner to prevent scale and corrosion.  Each service call now had “test results,” which allowed me to fine-tune the system where I felt comfortable to build a system for a boiler.  My first boiler installation was a test with extremely hard water.  Without water conditioning, a 2-inch steam pipe would scale up in 5 hours.  The test ran 48 hours and previous scale in the pipe was removed.  Years later after discovering the Brownian Motion Principle and Saturation Points brought everything together to apply for a patent.  Patent for Process and System was issued February 2010.

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