Letter from Caldwell Green Commission

Letter from Caldwell Green Commission

Mr. Manning:

Your company, Fluidyne International, was mentioned and praised by Eddie Pitts of Bernhardt Furniture, Lenoir, NC at a meeting I attended last Friday.  The Champions for Green is a conversation held quarterly by a group of business people in the Future Forward region of North Carolina who are interested in developing a business environment that is clean, socially responsible, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.  As you are aware, Bernhardt Furniture has established itself as a leader in these areas of global business development.  To these ends, one activity which was mentioned was their adoption and pleasure with the program of boiler efficiency being spearheaded by your firm, Fluidyne International.  They reported significant reductions in water use due to reduced blown down, elimination of chemical additives, and improved efficiency of boiler performance.  I have copied Eddie Pitts, the company sustainability officer, who I trust can weigh in to provide more exact figures.


On behalf of the Caldwell Green Commission, I just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate both of your companies, Bernhardt and Fluidyne International, for your collaborative efforts to improve business operations through practices generally regarded as sustainable and responsible, or in the vernacular, “green”.  This is a success not only for your respective companies, but also for our Caldwell Green Commission, the Champions for Green, and Advantage Green.  Please join me in “championing” these practices across our region, so we can continue to establish Caldwell County and the western piedmont of North Carolina as a “Destination for Sustainable Business”.  At the Caldwell Green Commission, we understand that relationship matter and that education opens doors to innovative practices.  Bernhardt and Fluidyne are leaders in these areas and we thank you for your innovation and leadership.


My kind regards,

G. David Waechter