Dissolved Mineral and Oxygen Saturation Points are Triggered by Physical Action

Dissolved Mineral and Oxygen Saturation Points are Triggered by Physical Action

In 1827, Dr. Brown theorized water molecules were in constant motion, when water temperatures increased, increased molecular motion was observed.


Flame or microwave radiation is the most common way to increase the Brownian motion with the side affect of increasing water temperature.     Because heat is obvious, “heat” alone is considered the cause of hard water scaling. The temperature level where scale forms is referred to as the “saturation point”.  Heat conceals the fact the water molecule increased violent motion has broken the magnetic grip on ions of calcium, and dissolved gasses. Calcium and carbonate ions free of the water molecule magnetic grip bond together and precipitate in the water as a single solid crystal of scale. Solid crystals that form in the water do not build up on the walls of the container.   Oxygen and gasses rise to the surface of an open tank; or collected by an air vent and released to atmosphere.


Formulas predict when scale and oxygen will reach their respective saturation points.  These formulas use Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, pH, and Temperature to determine when scale precipitates.    Replace temperature with “molecular motion” and you have a clearer description of what really causes saturation points to occur.


When using magnets to increase water molecule motion the initial temperature of the water before passing through magnetic flux lines becomes very important.   Lower temperature water needs a larger number of magnets for the water to pass through to duplicate the increased motion of “heating up” of the water equal to flame or microwave radiation.    Water flowing through magnetic force fields instantly rotates water molecules 180-degrees as North and South poles are passed.  Like poles are repelled with unlike poles attracted, producing two 180-degree violent motions, flips, when passing each magnet.  Important to remember the water is flowing past, and through, the magnetic force field.


Water velocity, GPM, is very important.   Too slow a velocity and the molecule motion, frequency of flips and rotation, is not violent enough to reach the saturation point.   In a test, slow velocity, GPM, is the first indication of bad science.    Bad science also exists when a person starting a test admits not knowing how the Conditioners work.


Should any test admitting ignorance of “how it works” ever be considered valid?