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The burgeoning business of clean energy in Western North Carolina is something Jim Manning actually has been involved with for decades.

Fluidyne International LLC owner and CEO Jim Manning checks part of the boiler system at the Buncombe County Detention Center. Manning’s innovative boiler water conditioning process reduces operational and maintenance costs and has less impact on the environment. Photo by Kathleen O. Davis.

Manning is the owner and CEO of Fluidyne International LLC, a Henderson County-based company that uses a patented method of conditioning water in commercial and industrial steam boilers that is chemical-free, reduces the amount of water required and decreases maintenance costs by increasing operational efficiency.

During a check Wednesday morning of boilers at the Buncombe County Detention Center in Asheville where his technology has been implemented since February 2010, Manning explained how his process uses magnetism and the physics principle of Brownian movement to condition water in the boilers.

The method lowers operating and maintenance costs, reduces wastewater treatment impacts, prevents hard water scale and corrosion in boiler systems and omits the need for caustic, hazardous additives, he said.

Manning, who founded his company in 1978, said he developed the process because of its “efficiency and that it eliminates the need for chemicals. I saw it as an opportunity that other people weren’t thinking of.”

Rapid growth in the region of entrepreneur-driven, eco-friendly companies like Manning’s is the foundation for the Evolve Energy Partnership, a multi-organizational, 31-county initiative focused on fostering the formation of more clean-energy companies in the area and making Western North Carolina known nationally and worldwide as a hub for these green ventures