About Us

With 32 years hands-on designing, building, installing, and servicing boiler and cooling tower water conditioners, Fluidyne Int. reflects the true value of its boiler water conditioning, with a triple bottom line of enviromental, social, and financial cost considerations.

Customers serviced monthly in California, Nevada and Baja Mexico –1978 to 2004.

Note; boilers listed are steam pressure vessels.
No chemicals or softeners were used.

Office building in Hollywood, (3) 400 hp B & W boilers. 13 years

Sky Chefs at LA Int. Airport, 3 boilers. 11 years

Sky Chefs at Las Vegas, 2 boilers. 15 years

Sky Chefs at Costa Mesa, 1 boiler. 7 years

Sky Chefs at Ontario, 1 boiler. 7 years

Fish packing plant, Ensenada Baja Mexico.
600, 400 & 300 HP boilers. 4 years

Orange Coast College, 11 cooling towers. 5 years

P L Porter, 2 cooling towers. 14 years

PQ Corporation, 2 400hp 100psi boiler.
Make-up @ 550 ppm. 5 years

Hallmark Packing, 2-100 hp boilers.
4-100 hp steamers. 5 years

Sterling Pacific, 4-100 hp steamers. 4 years

EXXON-MOBILE, 400 hp rental boiler.
Rental boiler provided, by Porter Boiler Service. 2years

TreeTop Juice Co.
Rental provided by Porter Boiler Service. 4 years

Gold Coast Boiler Service;
Rental for Lubricating Specialties. 4 months

Fox Movie Studios, BAJA, Mexico. 400 hp boiler.
Movie; Titanic, and others. 4 years.

Conditioner on a 1,000psi Boiler.
Pressure testing valves, controls and gages.

Las Vegas International Airport. 182 months, no chemical.
Make up 600 ppm. Float valve and chamber.